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Weekly Timesheets and Data Logs/Notes

Timesheets should be delivered to ExpertCare on a weekly basis.  Sample timesheet and client specific timesheet can be downloaded and printed below. If you are unable to drop off your timesheet and data logs during business hours please use our drop box or send it by email, fax or mail.

Drop Box

ExpertCare has a drop box  for timesheets, notes and data logs at the north entrance near the stairs.  This entrance is at the far right end of our parking lot to the left of the main entrance.


Email your timesheet to ExpertCare through our secure message center.  Follow the link below and you will be taken to the login screen where you will be prompted to enter your email address and password that you established.  Once logged in, you can attach your timesheet and data logs in a new secure message by clicking on the “Compose” tab.  Click here to access our secure message center:  ExpertCare Portal.

You can use CamScanner in order to scan your timesheets, to send them securely through the ExperCare Portal.

CamScanner Instructions for iPhones

CamScanner Instructions for Android phones


Timesheets can be faxed to: 248-740-3505


210 Town Center Drive, Troy, Michigan, 48084

Sample Timesheets:

ARC Timesheets

ARC CLS Data Log

ARC Respite Notes

ARC Group Timesheet

ARC and MORC Completed Sample Timesheet and Notes

ARC and MORC CLS Log Directions

Genesee Timesheets

Genesee Respite Notes

Macomb Timesheets

Macomb 2:1 Timesheets

Macomb 3:1 Timesheets

Macomb CLS Data Log Directions

Macomb CLS Data Log

Macomb Respite Notes

CW Macomb Timesheets

CW Macomb CLS Notes

CW Macomb Respite Notes

Macomb SED Waiver Timesheets

Macomb SED Waiver CLS Notes

Macomb SED Waiver Respite Notes

Macomb SED Waiver Caregiver Guidelines

Macomb SCFS – SED Waiver Non-State Approved Timesheets

Macomb SCFS – SED Waiver Non-State Approved CLS Notes

Macomb SCFS – SED Waiver Non-State Approved Respite Notes

Macomb SCFS – SED Waiver Non-State Approved Caregiver Guidelines

MORC Timesheet


MORC Respite Note

MORC Group Timesheet

CW MORC Timesheet


CW MORC Respite Note

CLS Oakland Timesheet

CLS Oakland Respite Note

CLS Oakland CLS Data Log

CLS Oakland Group Timesheet

Easter Seals Timesheet

Easter Seals Respite Note

Easter Seals CLS Data Log

Oakland Family Services Timesheet

Oakland Family Services Respite Note

Oakland Family Services CLS Data Log

Private Home Care Timesheet

Private Home Care Documentation Log

Wayne Timesheets

Wayne Group Timesheets

Wayne – ConsumerLink SAMPLE Progress Note

SWC Solutions Timesheet

SWC Solutions Respite Note

Mileage Log

Incident Report Forms

Macomb County Incident Report Form

Oakland County Incident Report Form

Wayne County Incident Report Form

BBP Exposure Control Plan

Literal Week Tracking

Sunday – Saturday Budget Tracking

Monday – Sunday Budget Tracking

Tuesday – Monday Budget Tracking

Wednesday – Tuesday Budget Tracking

Thursday – Wednesday Budget Tracking

Friday – Thursday Budget Tracking

Saturday – Friday Budget Tracking