This page has information about our services and policies.  You will also find all the forms needed for care to begin.


The following forms need to be completed and returned to ExpertCare for services to begin:

  • Recipient Rights Policies Acknowledgement – please read the policies below and sign and date this form
  • Privacy Practices Acknowledgement – please read the policies below and sign and date this form.
  • Authorized Signatures – We must have a signature on caregiver time sheets in order to verify the hours worked.  The guardian needs to sign the time sheet.  If the guardian is not at home during services or for some other reason cannot verify the hours, you may select a Power of Attorney or other responsible adult in the home to also sign the time sheet.
  • Working within the Authorization – please read the form, then sign and date.

Please return the documents in one of the following three ways:

  • E-mail through our secure portal:  ExpertCare Portal  (sign and scan the documents, attach them to your e-mail)
  • Fax the signed documents to: 248-740-3505
  • Mail the documents to: 210 Town Center Dr., Troy, MI  48084

If you would like to authorize the release the protected health information to another party please use the form below:

Overview of Services: 

Click on the link below for more information on the services offered by ExpertCare

For Your Review:

Please review the following documents before you start services with ExpertCare:

Setting Boundaries and Expectations: 

ExpertCare is the employer of the caregiver working in your home and directs the staff in the job duties and work expectations.  Because the person is working in your home, there are some boundaries and expectations you can set to make the experience better for everyone.  Please use the tools below to what information you think you need to share with your caregiver.

Reporting Requirements for ExpertCare Staff:

ExpertCare staff is required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect by any person to their supervisor and then the proper authority:  Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Recipient Rights or other appropriate authority.  A Community Mental Health complaint form can be filled out by anyone.  These forms are used when it is suspected that a volunteer or employee of a provider agency has violated the rights of a person receiving services.

The forms used by Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) for any suspected rights violation can be seen here.  Incident Reports for other counties can be found here.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact us at 866-812-8896.

If you would like Incident Reports available in your home for staff to use, please contact us at 866-812-8896 and request they be sent to you.