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Direct Deposit

Weekly Timesheets and Data Logs/Notes

Timesheets should be submitted to ExpertCare on a weekly basis by Monday at 8:00 a.m. via the following methods:

Email your timesheet to ExpertCare through our secure message center. Follow the link below and you will be taken to the login screen where you will be prompted to enter your email address and password that you established. Once logged in, you can attach your timesheet and data logs in a new secure message by clicking on the “Compose” tab. Click here to access our secure message center: ExpertCare Portal.

Drop Box

ExpertCare has a drop box for timesheets, notes and data logs at the north entrance near the stairs. This entrance is at the far right end of our parking lot to the left of the main entrance.


You can use CamScanner in order to scan your timesheets to send them securely through the ExpertCare Portal.

CamScanner Instructions for iPhones

CamScanner Instructions for Android phones

Fax or Mail

Timesheets can be faxed to: 248-740-3505

Mail to: 210 Town Center Drive, Troy, Michigan, 48084


Coming Soon

Wayne County Progress Notes Training

To review the Wayne County Progress Notes training, click on the link below. If you have questions after reviewing the presentation, please contact a Staffing Consultant.

Wayne County Progress Notes Presentation

Wayne – ConsumerLink SAMPLE Progress Note

Child Waiver/SED Waiver Documentation Training

You can review the child waiver documentation training power point by clicking the link on the right. If you have questions after reviewing the training, please contact a Staffing Consultant.

Child Waiver Documentation Presentation

Timesheet Presentation


Incident Reports

RR Complaint Forms

Literal Week Tracking

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Dental coverage helps members pay for the most common procedures and preventive services, without restricting their choice of dentists. Using a dentist in the Careington PDNO Dental network will help lower out-of-pocket expenses. This is a PPO plan, not a discount plan.


The Vision program includes coverage for routine eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. Using a vision care provider in the Superior Vision network will help lower out-of-pocket expenses.

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability coverage replaces a portion of the employee’s income when he/she is unable to work due to a non-occupational injury or sickness.

Life Insurance

Term Life and Accidental Death Insurance can bring employees great peace of mind without great expense.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness coverage helps supplement out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses associated with a critical illness that are positively diagnosed by a Physician

24-Hour Group Accident

Accident coverage pays a benefit due to a covered accidental injury directly to you. If one of the MEC plans are elected, coverage amounts are in addition to Accident benefits offered through the MEC plan.

Health and Indemnity Insurance

At ExpertCare Management Services, it is our intent to provide our employees access to affordable healthcare coverage. Understanding that the cost of health insurance can be prohibitive, we have found the most cost effective HMO plan. We also offer Supplemental Health, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Life, Critical Illness, and 24 Hour Accident insurance through Benefits in a Card to help our employees and their families offset potential out of pocket expenses.

Medical – Total Health Care (THC)

This plan is an HMO major medical plan. This plan provides rich benefits at a cost effective premium. Please check provider directories to assure your doctors and hospitals participate in the THC network. THC uses a generic mandatory system for prescription drugs.  If there is a generic equivalent, it will be substituted unless your doctor can provide medical necessity for the preferred brand.


  •  If you have averaged 30 hours or more per week in your first 12 months of employment, you will be eligible for our health plan through Total Health Care.
  • If you have averaged 30 hours or more per week in the 12 months beginning 13 months before April of the current year, you will be eligible for our health plan through Total Health Care

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

THC Deductions

We will begin taking deductions on the first payroll of the month following the receipt of your enrollment forms. Benefits will begin on the first of the month following your first deduction (e.g. if deductions begin on the first four (4) pay periods of March, your benefits begin on April 1.)

The THC plan is a Section 125 plan. Deductions from your paycheck for the cost of the plan will be before taxes (pre-tax). This is a benefit to you. The IRS does make certain rules for Section 125 plans.

Your election to participate in THC health plan will lock you into that plan until:

  • Your employment ends
  • You do not average enough hours to remain eligible
  • You become eligible under another group plan
  • You choose to opt-out at the annual open enrollment date


MEC is an innovative and affordable program designed to meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With MEC, employees can avoid ACA penalties, benefit with first dollar coverage and cover preventive care at 100% with no deductions or co-pays.

  • 3 options available to suit your needs: MEC Plus, MEC Plus Enhanced, and MEC Plus Premier.

These plans are not major medical plans but do satisfy the government’s requirement that you have minimum essential medical coverage.



  • Employees are eligible for Benefits in a Card (BIC) benefits within their first 30 days of employment.
  • If you choose not to elect during this time, you will not be eligible again until open enrollment

BIC Deductions

We will begin taking deductions for the BIC plan(s) within 2 weeks after you contact BIC directly via phone to enroll.  Deductions are taken on Friday and benefits are in effect each Monday thru Sunday following that deduction.  Benefit coverage continues each week there is a deduction taken.

Note: if deductions are not taken from your pay on a given week, you will not have coverage the following Monday thru Sunday.  To get coverage for those weeks, payments must be made directly to BIC. Benefits will be terminated after 4 deductions are missed.


If you decline coverage after your first time being eligible, you will not be able to elect coverage again until the Open Enrollment Period, which occurs in February each year. BIC benefits begin as early as February 1. THC Benefits will begin April 1, 2018.  You can drop BIC benefits at any time. You may not add, drop or change THC benefits or add or change BIC benefits unless you have a qualifying event, such as:

  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Loss of coverage through a spouses qualified plan


Direct Deposit to Bank Account or rapid! PayCard

Now caregivers have options in electronic pay delivery.  Caregivers can have their weekly pay direct deposited into a bank account or onto the rapid! PayCard.  Not only are these options faster, easier and more reliable than a traditional paycheck, you will also be helping to save the environment.  No more paper checks – just download your paystub directly to your computer.

rapid! PayCard

Direct Deposit Form / Paystub Setup

Below is a link to our direct deposit form. Any changes to your direct deposit must be submitted in writing.

Direct Deposit Forms

The link below will take you to ExpertCare’s payroll website. By registering here, you will be able view your pay stub and other key employment information on-line.  If you have any questions, you can always call us at 866.812.8896.

Log-In to View Paystub